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Product Overview and Advantages



High-speed water cooling, high-yield and low-consumption, simple operation, intelligent after-sale

Ding Plastic Head Structure - Advantages:


> Overview and Advantage of Products with Preheating Die

> Diameter Range

> Fast Mould Change Time

> Adjust Inner and Outer Layers in Production Process

> Easy to Operate

> Increase production according to the flow characteristics of polymers

> Reducing Energy Consumption Demand 65%

>Reducing Mould Flow Time

New Forming Machine for Ding Plastic Machinery


> Overview and Advantage of High Production Speed Products

> Direct Modular Water Cooling

> Vacuum absorption technology

> Module Quick Change System

O Online Technical Support

  Advanced Dingplastic online support services provide fast solutions for troubleshooting. Our service engineer can directly access your control system of the forming machine through the internet. The client fails and the enterprise alarms at the same time. Find out the problem and solve it in the shortest time.

  With this high-tech solution, we can connect your prototyping machine to our service team to provide direct help without wasting time.


  Provide fast support and troubleshooting for your production line to ensure that downtime is minimized.

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