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Corrugated forming machine


● DS-H corrugated molding machine adopts the innovative direct water cooling solution in the module, which can realize the rapid and efficient cooling of the corrugated molding module and greatly improve the production efficiency of PE/PP double-wall corrugated pipe! Compared with the previous models, the output can be increased by 2-3 times!

● Innovative molding machine structure and corrugated molding module operation structure design scheme. When replacing production specifications, you do not need to adjust any platform or frame of the molding machine, making the work of replacing the pipe specifications easier and faster!

● The new molding machine structure design allows the left and right frames of the corrugated molding module to be opened and closed freely.

● By adopting a highly standardized system design, the corrugated modules of different types of production lines can be completely interchanged!

● Innovative corrugated molding module card-type quick assembly technology, which realizes simple and rapid assembly of corrugated molding module and module base, which can greatly reduce the work difficulty and workload when replacing corrugated molding modules, and greatly improve work efficiency!

● Based on the further optimization of the operation mechanism and structure of the corrugated molding module, the module can be freely operated in both directions, which can effectively solve the structural defects that the ordinary corrugating machine can only allow the corrugated forming module to operate in one direction.

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