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Adapt The high-efficiency single screw which with large length to diameter ratio of 36:1 which greatly improves the plasticizing quality and output; it is especially suitable for high-efficiency extrusion of materials such as PE\PP, and has wide material adaptability;

● Advanced asymmetric slotted barrel design, water inlet system with automatic temperature control at the feed inlet, which doubles the conveying efficiency of the feed section;

● The extruder is equipped with a moving guide rail and a center height adjustment device;

● The gearbox adopts a vertical structure, the cooling method is forced circulation oil cooling, and a circulating water cooling system is attached. High torque, low noise, hard toothed gear, grinding process, heavy duty thrust bearing;

● Drive and temperature control adopt original imported SIEMENS control system, which is recognized and selected by many international extrusion machinery manufacturers; and equipped with 15 inches large color touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate, display is clear and clear;

● Optional innovative MULTIEXTM multi-extrusion feed system design, through the flexible combination of extrusion systems, to further optimize the production plan for custom users, to achieve the best match between pipe production specifications and extrusion supply combination , to bring you more flexible production methods!

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