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Technical points of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe in the construction process


HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe is very popular in pipeline construction because of its corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, large flow rate and long service time. Many developed countries have achieved the popularization and application of HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe, and now our country is also vigorously promoting the use. Now many cities and even villages and towns are replacing drainage pipes, so the construction of pipeline engineering has become very important. Today, we will learn about the technical points of HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe construction?


HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe


1. The construction personnel should be familiar with the drawings, especially the person in charge of the project. They should master the overall situation and be familiar with every step of the project. Before the construction, a leveling datum point should be set every 100m or so, and an accurate leveling and elevation control network should be set up, which is conducive to the measurement of subsequent pipeline construction. After the closed inspection and measurement are correct, the construction must meet the national standards.


2. In the excavation of HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe trench, it is necessary to pay attention to the scientific rationality of the pipeline slope. Special attention should be paid not to exceed the trench excavation cross-section, careful backfilling and compaction, low-lying water is strictly prohibited, and the use of waste soil and sludge and other rotten map compaction.


3. Storage of HDPE Double wall bellows. Before the end of pipeline construction, if the pipe is transported to the construction site, it will occupy the traffic channel. However, if it is buried in the soil pipe hanging installation method, but also waste time to dig out the pipe. Therefore, HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe should be properly stored before the completion of pipe laying.


4. Closed water test of HDPE Double wall bellows. Carefully check whether there are sand hole cracks in each pipe and whether the joint of pipe mouth is tight. If it does not meet the quality requirements, it can be repaired with fine mortar and filled with cement slurry. The closed water pipe section shall not be backfilled in a hurry, but shall be backfilled after the closed water test is passed.


5. HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe trench backfilling. When the trench is backfilled, there shall be no ponding in the trench, and no humus soil, soil and sludge shall be used to backfill the trench.


The above are the technical points of HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe in the construction process. In order to successfully complete the pipeline engineering, the above points must be done according to the requirements.

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