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The pipeline industry pays attention to production details to go further

Environmental protection and sustainable development have become the theme of the development of the pipe industry, and the use of new pipes has made a great contribution to reduce environmental pollution. Of course, if you want to better achieve the purpose of environmental protection.  

 As we all know, in the production of double-wall corrugated pipes, ring stiffness is an important indicator of the pipe. Using the same raw materials to produce double-wall corrugated pipes with the same diameter, whether the structure can be scientific and reasonable directly determines the ring stiffness.  

 Of course, it is not to say that the ring stiffness is not the bigger the better. Whether the project uses SN4 or SN8, the municipal design department should determine the standard according to its working principle, construction conditions, pipeline depth, backfill density and many other factors, and then follow Regarding design standards and specifications, choose an appropriate ring stiffness value. Only in this way can the function of the pipe be exerted to a greater extent, rather than just recognize the value of the ring stiffness.   Therefore, the double-wall corrugated pipe manufacturer should pay attention to the following points when choosing production equipment:     


First, compare the tube waveforms provided by the manufacturers of production equipment. As the saying goes, it’s the reason why the best shoppers are compared;  


Second, the waveform not only has enough height, but also has enough width to ensure the stiffness of the upper foot;

Third, whether it can reduce production costs is also an important reference standard.  

 Only by paying attention to details can better reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of products, in order to promote the development of the enterprise itself.   Shandong Dingsu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with advanced production technology, complete product quality control methods and complete testing equipment. The company’s production process strictly follows the lSO9001 quality management system and national standards for production management, advanced equipment, high Qualified staff team, stable product quality       Welcome to contacting us!

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