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Double-wall corrugated pipe teaches you how to distinguish the quality of PVC pipe

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  From the early 1980s, the state vigorously promoted the application of UPVC management, and formulated a series of policies, systems, standards, but also accumulated a lot of experience. Up to now, it has already possessed perfect product standards, test methods and test means, construction engineering technical specifications, etc., thus unifying product specifications, dimensions and quality indicators, and realizing product interchangeability. This shows that the development of PVC water supply pipeline has entered a mature period, product quality and construction quality are guaranteed, thus ensuring the use effect of PVC water supply pipeline. The international standard of PE pipe for water supply (ISO4427) was not officially issued until 1996. In 1999, China compiled the national standard GB/T13663 with reference to ISO4427, which was released and implemented in 2000. But up to now, the standards and engineering technical specifications of PE pipe fittings are still being perfected. This shows that the quality of PE pipes in China is not stable and the matching of pipe fittings is not perfect, so the quality of PE pipes in production and construction can not be guaranteed.

  Therefore, we have to learn to distinguish, double-wall corrugated pipe to teach you how to distinguish the quality of PVC pipe as follows:

  1. Look at the surface finish and whiteness first.

  2. Sample breakers are usually high-calcium products. Of course, if the price is appropriate to meet your requirements, it is possible.

  3. Take the sample and step on the edge of the pipe with your foot to see if it can crack, or the elongation at break after cracking. (Generally, to try, you have to set up a good relationship first. Ha-ha, or people won't let you step on it.)

  4. Weather resistance is troublesome. The most direct way is to get high temperature and high light place for a few days, to see the surface change rate, but too time-consuming, mainly look at the first three.

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